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FSUW is a global network of experts focusing on the fire-safe application of wood in construction. Find out more about us and explore the vivid world of timber engineering.

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This page displays some of the most renown journals from the field of fire safety in structural timber engineering.

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This area of the website presents the most common existing codes and guidelines with regards to fire-safe design of timber buildings.

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The TimFix Database contains information about a wide range of fire tests conducted in various countries worldwide.

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Some of the companies that Joined Forces with us


“The FSUW network was initiated in 2002 by Finland and Sweden as a European network between researchers and industry. The main result was the European guideline ‘Fire safety in timber buildings’ published in 2010. After that the network has been extended globally which is natural since the need for fire safe timber buildings is worldwide. The network is of great value to exchange information, help and support each other with important questions on fire safety design of timber buildings. ”

Birgit Östman
Emeritus in Building Technology
“With the rapid growth of mass timber structures in Australia, it is important that we don’t get ahead of the fire safety of these buildings. The Fire Safe Use of Wood International network has been invaluable to understand the latest in fire resistance technology for timber, as well as a source of research outcomes or advice.”

Andrew Dunn
CEO Timber Development Association
“The goal of FSUW is to promote performance-based design of timber buildings based on current research and international knowledge. This is necessary to deliver technical solutions around the world, including New Zealand, grounded by a common understanding of the behaviour of fires in timber structures.”

Andy Buchanan
Emeritus in Timber Design