COST Action FP1404 documents

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STSM Reports

Nr Title Author Home institution STSM to
N082-06 Performance based approach for fire safety of timber concrete composite beams Tomaž Hozjan University of Ljubljana University of Borås
N252-06 Scientific tests and test programs with non-standard fire curves Joachim Schmid SP ETH
N091-06 Performance of Finger Joints and Laminations in Fire Chee Beng Ong University of Bath SP
N089-06 Definition of a numerical model for timber frame assemblies exposed to fire Mattia Tiso Tallinn University of Technology University of Trieste
N081-06 Fire tests on glued-laminated timber beams with well-known material properties Simon Wynistorf ETH SP
N096-06 Uncertainty Quantification arising from Timber Fire Tests Alastair Bartlett University of Edinburgh SP
N093-06 Numerical modelling of loaded timber members exposed to fire Anna Predonzani University of Trieste SP
N253-06 The role of char cracking in timber fires Kaiyuan Li Aalto University Imperial College London
N254-06 Synthesis of nanocomposite materials with improved fire retardant/resistant properties Carmen–Mihaela Popescu Edinburg Napier University Georg-August-University of Göttingen
N255-06 Development of a procedure for the determination of design equations for the improved component additive method Katrin Nele Mäger Tallinn University of Technology TU Munich
N256-06 Determination of the Fire Design Parameters for Clay Plaster as a Protection Material of Timber Constructions Johanna Liblik Tallinn University of Technology RISE
N257-06 Effective cross-section method for timber frame assemblies – definition of coefficients and zero-strength layers Mattia Tiso Tallinn University of Technology ETH
N258-06 Fire protection of timber structures provided by natural plasters Johanna Liblik Tallinn University of Technology TU Braunschweig
N259-06 Thermal exposure of combustible products in furnace tests Joachim Schmid ETH RISE
N260-06 The influence of oxygen, heating rate, and species on the charring of timber at the microscale Franz Richter Imperial College London University of Cantabria
N261-06 Contribution for a Fire Design Model for Timber-Concrete Composite Structures Vincent Scherer ETH CSTB
N263-06 Numerical modelling of timber-concrete composite slabs exposed to fire Cvetanka Chifliganec “Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje ETH
N264-06 Contribution of wood structures to the fire development Antonio Totaro University of Naples ETH
N262-06 Post fire investigation of timber elements in a Stockholm building Kamila Kempna VSB-Technical University Ostrava Byggnadstekniska Byrån

Guidance documents

Nr Title Authors
N214-07 Performance based design for mass timber structures in fire– A Design Example Daniel Brandon, Koji Kagiya, Tuula Hakkarainen
N216-07 Guidance on Fire Safety of (Timber) Buildings During Construction Eds: Yves Martin, Michael Klippel
N217-07 Improved fire design models for Timber Frame Assemblies – Guidance document Eds: Alar Just, Joachim Schmid
N222-07 Guidance Document on the Verification of the Adhesive Performance in Fire Eds: Michael Klippel, Joachim Schmid
N223-07 Guidance document – Fire design of CLT including best practise Eds: Michael Klippel, Alar Just
N224-07 Numerical modelling of timber concrete composite structures in fire – Guidance document Chiara Bedon, Cvetanka Chifliganec, Igor Džolev, Robert Pečenko, Tomaž Hozjan
N225-07 Guidance on Fire-fighting and Bio-Based Materials Jan Smolka, Kamila Kempna, et al.
N229-07 Guide for Obtaining Data from Reaction to Fire Tests Eds: Davood Zeinali, Dionysios I. Kolaitis, Joachim Schmid
N230-07 Guidance on Fire Safety of Bio-Based Facades Eds: Birgit Östman, Esko Mikkola
N249-07 Guidance for implementation of materials and products in fire design methods of timber frameassemblies Eds: Alar Just, Joachim Schmid